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  1. To follow up with our recent FireDAC in Depth with Cary Jensen we have a series of FireDAC webinars to help you learn more about everyone's favorite database access framework. Each webinar is offered at 8 AM, 1 PM and 8 PM US Central Time to provide access in all timezones. 25-Jul (Tue) FireDAC Introduction An introduction to the multi-platform, multi-database, full featured, super fast database access framework. 27-Jul (Thu) FireDAC Tracing and Monitoring How to use FireDAC's Tracking and Monitoring features for advanced logging and troubleshooting. 01-Aug (Tue) FireDAC Cached Updates and Autoinc Fields Learn to use autoincrement fields as primary keys, and cached updates to cache multiple updates in memory and write them all to the database at a later time in a single batch. 03-Aug (Thu) FireDAC Array DML The Array DML execution technique submits a single DBMS command with an array of parameters. Each command parameter has an array of values, and all parameters have arrays of the same length. Then FireDAC requests the DBMS to execute a command once for each row in arrays. This technique reduces the amount of communication between DBMS and client, enables DBMS to stream command execution, and speeds up execution time. 08-Aug (Tue) FireDAC Cascading Options System Learn to use the cascading system of setting options for optimal FireDAC performance 10-Aug (Thu) FireDAC: Preprocessing SQL Commands FireDAC Preprocessing includes "macro" and "escape sequence" allowing dynamic generation of more complex sets of operations for performance and less work on the developer's part. 15-Aug (Tue) FireDAC ETL = Extract, Transform, Load The FireDAC Extract, Transform and Load functions work with the batch move, reader and writer components for data movement between different types of data sources and the data destinations. 17-Aug (Thu) FireDAC In Memory DataSets: TFDMemTable The FireDAC in memory data set lets you work with an offline or in memory dataset with being connected to a database. This can be helpful in a briefcase model, or when adding dataset functionality to a non-database driven application. 22-Aug (Tue) FireDAC Local SQL Local SQL gives you the full power of SQL based set operations across datasets from diverse sources, including different databases, different data engines and in memory data. 24-Aug (Thu) Migrating BDE applications to FireDAC and InterBase Learn how to migrate your legacy BDE based database application to FireDAC and InterBase to keep your programs relevant and to take advantage of all the new features and functionality. 29-Aug (Tue) Migrating dbExpress Applications to FireDAC Learn how to migrate away from dbExpress to give your applications the full power of FireDAC 31-Aug (Thu) Using InterBase Events and Change Views with Callback Functions Get more power from InterBase with events, change views and call back functions. Просмотр полной статьи
  2. Выполните третий пункт данной инструкции
  3. Запустить студию с админскими правами
  4. How to view Salesforce data in RAD Studio Data Explorer using the Enterprise Connectors for Salesforce. With the Enterprise Connectors for Salesforce, you gain access to live Salesforce data within RAD Studio, abstracting the data into tables, views, and stored procedures that can be used to both retrieve and update Salesforce data. This article will walk through connecting to Salesforce using the Data Explorer. Connecting to Salesforce Data Using Data Explorer You can create a simple application for displaying Salesforce data by utilizing the Enterprise Connectors for Salesforce and a new VCL Forms Application: Open the Data Explorer in RAD Studio and expand FireDAC. Right-click on CData Salesforce Data Source and click Add New Connection. Name the connection. Fill in the necessary connection parameters and click OK. There are several authentication methods available for connecting to Salesforce: Login, OAuth, and SSO. The Login method requires you to have the username, password, and security token of the user. If you do not have access to the username and password or do not wish to require them, you can use OAuth authentication. SSO (single sign-on) can be used by setting the SSOProperties, SSOLoginUrl, and TokenUrl connection properties, which allow you to authenticate to an identity provider. See the "Getting Started" chapter in the help documentation for more information. Back in the Data Explorer, expand the tables for the connection. Create a new VCL Forms application and drag a table (for example: Account) onto the form. Select the AccountTable object on the form and set the Active property to true. Right-click on the object, bind visually, and link everything (*) to a new control (TStringGrid). Arrange the TStringGrid on the form and run the application to see the Account data. Ready to try the Enterprise Connectors? Download the beta builds today. Just open RAD Studio 10.2, navigate to Tools > GetIt Package Manager and select from over 70 connectors. Requires RAD Studio Pro or higher editions. Просмотр полной статьи
  5. Hello, Tokio has changed fmx jar files, so this archive is obsolete
  6. Only a few days left - RAD Studio SPECIAL OFFERS!! Act Today! RAD Studio 10.2 "Tokyo" has been around for over three months, generating thousands of downloads. We already implemented several quality patches to further enhance performance. It has never been a better time to join the RAD Studio revolution and deliver to your customers amazing application experiences. We know that the cost of tools is not a huge factor when deciding to upgrade or approaching a new project. It should not be! However, we want to help you make that decision easier and have put together some really attractive promos for June. There are only a few days left… make your decision early next week and save BIG$$$! You will have some left-over for the beach :) ! #1 Buy One RAD Studio, Delphi, or C++Builder Professional and Get One Mobile Add-On Pack for FREE (Up to 703$ in $avings)! Start building cross-platform apps today that will work on Windows, Android, iOS, or Mac. With Update Subscription included you will be one of the first to access our Free Beta for CData Enterprise Connectors, as well as free source code for a variety of apps, from games to complex solution templates. How to to get? Just buy from the PRO license from Web Store, Embarcadero Sales or Partners and use the Serial Number on the Promo Page to get your FREE items. EASY! Contact Sales>> Buy Online >> Find A Partner>> #2 Buy One RAD Studio, Delphi, or C++Builder Architect and Get One Unlimited Users RAD Server (up to 4995$ in $avings) - Unbelievable right? This is a huge one! With Architect you already get an awesome bundle, including the best development suite and additional database modeling tools. Now you get an unlimited RAD Server to deploy. Compared to similar competitive solutions with pricing anywhere from $50 to $100 per user per month, you will be saving thousands and you will get the speed of development and deployment that are unmatched. We did a simple benchmark to build a Salesforce app and the RAD Studio with RAD Server solution was over 10x time less expensive and it took far less time to build. You get a number of bonus features, such as Beacon Fence, Free Source Code for RAD Server Solutions, and Customizable Bootstrap JS Portal. You can check-out Sarina’s latest RAD Server blog for more details, but ACT FAST. This will NOT be available after June. How do you get it? Just buy the Architect license from Web Store, Embarcadero Sales or Partners and use the Serial Number on the Promo Page to get your FREE items. EASY! Contact Sales>> Buy Online >> Find A Partner>> #3 Buy PRO and get 20 IB Licenses! But Enterprise and get 100 IB Licenses! Interbase 2017 is here and you can get variety of options to save big with this promo offer. We recently did a comparison of alternative solutions and IB 2017 delivered the best value, especially if you require Change Controls. If you want a secure and scalable solution IB 2017 is for you Contact Sales>> Buy Online >> Find A Partner>> To learn more about the all special offers that are ENDING SOON (Including terms & Conditions), go to the special offer page. If you have any specific questions or need further help, send me an email ( or leave a comment to this article. Просмотр полной статьи
  7. Я думаю, надо попробовать отключить пакет в среде MultiDevicePreview. Он может быть причиной этой ошибки.
  8. Я 10 могу. Так что предлагаю выполнить перекличку, кто точно сможет быть. kami, wamaco, Nik, Я, Error (под вопросом)
  9. The cool app Winner for May comes from Brazil. It is Ofertas do Dia, or "Daily Offers" for us English speakers. This cool mobile app runs on iOS, Android and Windows Desktop. It collects all the daily offers from the bigger brazilian online stores and provides them in a clear easy to use app! So every day you can access everything from various sites just in one touch. You can share the offers You can share the app You can search offers using words or the barcode scanner You can receive remote push notifications about offers Besides all the time and internet traffic it saves because it user no longer has to visit every site that publish "daily offers." Some of what else that makes it cool is all the impressive technology it includes. Built on the Enterprise Edition of Delphi using FireMonkey it uses regular expressions to extract products and offers from web pages. The data is stored in a FireDAC TFDMemTable. The display uses a custom ListView appearance. The push notifications are supported through Rafael's own solution that doesn't require a 3rd party push notification provider. This cool app is offered by Agile Consultoria de Informática and the developer is Rafael Ribas Aguiló For Rafael's bio he says "I'm a Delphi developer since its version 1 and love the Delphi productivity." For more information on Ofertas do Dia you can check out the Google Play Store. To see some of the other cool app entries, or to enter your app, visit the Cool App Competition. Просмотр полной статьи
  10. Customers have reported that it is not possible to install the 64 bit version of InterBase on the Windows 10 Creators Update (build 1703). When you get to the screen that allows you to choose between 32 bit and 64 bit, it is greyed out A workaround is to create a values file as you would do for a silent install, and which is described in the documentation at,_Registration,_and_Licensing_Information#Using_the_Wise_Installer_to_Embed_InterBase. A values file for a default installation of InterBase would contain: COMPONENTS=ACD MAINDIR=C:\Program Files\Embarcadero\InterBase\ INSTANCE=gds_db TCP_PORT=3050 ARCH=64 You would then launch the installer via the following command line: When the installation has completed, you should find that a 64 bit instance has been installed. Просмотр полной статьи
  11. Возможнос, я не в теме, но у меня вопрос. А TGrid чем не устраивает? Хотите свой вариант расположения контролов в ячейке сделать?
  12. TfgToast

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  13. Пулл потоков вам в помощь. Это о вопросе долго времени создания и удаления инстансов потоков.
  14. Можно найти объект, который находится под курсором. При помощи ObjectAtPoint у формы. А потом пробегом вверх по всем родителям выполнить проверку на вхождение курсора в каждый родительский контрол. Это мне кажется проще...