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  1. ListView - фиксированный заголовок

    Раньше точно делали прилипание хедера в ЛистВью. К сожалению сейчас точно не могу сказать ничего на этот счет. Но точно было сделано. Но, как вариант, если речь идет об ios, то в TListView есть поддержка нативной реализации. И там реализованы выталкивающие хедеры
  2. XML

    Надо просто выбрать любой другого вендора. MSXML - это микрософтовская реализация. Очевидно, что ее нет на других платформах.
  3. Да, оно. Так же компонент доступен на палитре компонентов. TXMLDocument - это универсальная обертка, которая умеет работать с несколькими реализациями XML. Выбор реализации через свойство TXMLDocument.DOMVendor.
  4. Она встроена в существующий TXMLDocument.
  5. Cool App Winner for November: InfoTrain

    I’m always pleasantly surprised by the variety of projects people come up with using Embarcadero tools, and our October Cool App winner is no exception. InfoTrain -- developed by Damian Skrzek using Delphi -- is an application that helps railway enthusiasts locate and discuss interesting trains. When users notice interesting trains, they can add detailed information in the app that can be sorted and filtered by various details. “Railfans,” or “trainspotters,” can filter by the type of traction, region, railway line and many other features. Users can comment or update listings by adding photos or timely information about the current location of a train. InfoTrain connects to a remote MySQL database via a PHP API to synchronize data between users. The app is currently available on all Android devices, with an iPhone version in the works. InfoTrain is a perfect example of an enthusiast who was able to develop an app that scratches his own specific itch. The great thing is that Damian could then make that app available to all the other people who share his interest. Using a PHP API to connect to a MySQL backend is a creative solution to data sharing and shows the flexibility of Delphi. When asked about his choice of languages, Damian said “Delphi is a friendly environment for beginners, powerful at the same time for advanced users. Great for creating cross-platform applications. Generally, Delphi is my favorite language.” This video provides a nice overview of InfoTrain. [YoutubeButton url=''] Interested in submitting for the Embarcadero’s Cool App contest? It’s open to any business or consumer application built with RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder. Embarcadero awards Cool App contest winners a $500 Amazon gift card and winning submissions are also highlighted on the company’s YouTube channel. For more information on the contest and a link to the submission form, click here. Просмотр полной статьи
  6. Holiday Delphi To-Dos

    After another year of record CodeRage participation, I’ve been talking to other developers about what they do to promote Delphi. It was immediately obvious that they are “way too busy writing code!” This is a huge improvement, as only a few years back the standard response was “well, Delphi is no longer cool.” However, we still have a challenge. We need to make it easier for our customers to champion us within their organizations. We want people to be proud to say that they “do Delphi.” Here are a few Delphi holiday To-Dos if you are looking for a way to spread the merriment... Check out 10.2.2 with the new dark theme and a whole lot more. It will give you some good hints on where we are going with UX and it is just the beginning. Also, the Enterprise and Architect editions of RAD Studio now gets a RAD Server site license for FREE! A huge benefit! Don’t hesitate to provide feedback - we love it! Share Delphi @ 22 Magazine with your colleagues and managers to highlight the latest developments with Delphi and our ecosystem… there has been a lot of activity that has been missed. And yes there was some healthy debate on one forum around the number of countries in existence (we counted a huge number in one of our Delphi Boot Camps), but aside from classifications, the point is that we are seeing a resurgence and we like it! Build a Simple Mobile App with FMX. There is no better way to wow your customers, peers or supervisors than to see Delphi in action. There are plenty of samples and more coming your way. Write once and compile for Android and iOS, not to mention Windows and mac OS X. Check out the new Enterprise connectors. So simple to display your feed from Twitter and/or Facebook and show how fast you can build an app around it. More complex ideas may want to leverage the free InterBase for embedded mobile use. There are plenty of “disconnected” use cases that are difficult to do with other technologies. Watch a CodeRage replay on Embarcadero Academy. Go catch a replay for a session you missed from CodeRage XII. They are all available on Embarcadero Academy. Share your favorite session with your friends. While you are there sign up for a course from the expert trainers on Embarcadero Academy. Also, make sure that if anyone doubts that there are good materials to learn Delphi, they know that this is no longer the case. Learn about the Ext JS framework. Sencha is new to our developer tools family, but already making a huge impact. There is a lot of tooling in existence to connect Delphi with Ext JS development. They share a lot in their completeness and focus on huge productivity improvements. There is a learning curve, but if you are looking for fast development across platforms with really nice UX, this is the way to go. Delphi and the associated VCL & FMX frameworks share a lot in common with Ext JS in the way they maintain compatibility for the long-run and provide unmatched performance. This sample app provides a great example that speaks both to FMX and Ext JS. Browse the GetIt Package Manager. Install a new style, sample project, library, or IDE Plugin. GetIt continues to expand: over 250 at last count. Look for new ways to solve the problems you face and make yourself even more productive. Blog about your favorite Delphi features, components or libraries and share it on social media. Delphi has an amazing 3rd party ecosystem. Check out the top 10 Delphi projects on GitHub or this huge collection of resources. What’s on your holiday to-do list? Do you have any Delphi goals for the new year? Просмотр полной статьи
  7. imagelist1 property source does not exists

    В любом месте в секции Implementation
  8. imagelist1 property source does not exists

    Почему в uses секции объявление двух модулей имадж листа? Один от VCL, другой от FMX?
  9. imagelist1 property source does not exists

    Если убрать директивы, то работает?
  10. imagelist1 property source does not exists

    В том скриншоте, который вы прикрепили первым, директивы есть.
  11. imagelist1 property source does not exists

    Попробуйте его задать. У меня есть подозрение, что среда не смогла его прочитать, из-за директив условной компиляции.
  12. imagelist1 property source does not exists

    У дата модуля есть свойство отвечающее за то, дата модуль какого фреймворка это: VCL или FMX. На основании этого свойства среда определяет TImageList какого фреймворка использовать. Возможно у вас стоит значение VCL.
  13. Рисует за пределами канвы

    Добавлять ClipRect при отрисовки в регионе. { clipping } procedure IntersectClipRect(const ARect: TRectF); virtual; abstract; procedure ExcludeClipRect(const ARect: TRectF); virtual; abstract;
  14. Item has been already purchased

    Не очень понимаю, что не так. Если товар уже был один раз куплен, то считается, что он есть у клиента. Поэтому при попытке повторно купить то, что уже было куплено порождает данное сообщение.
  15. Есть ли аналог TCreateParams ?

    Нет, аналога нет. Так как кода должен одинаково работать на всех платформах, а CreateParams сугубо виндовая вещь.