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Announcing the New Embarcadero Developer Community

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New CommunityCommunity is a huge part of what makes our products so useful. Many of us have been around since the CompuServe forums days. Today our community is spread out across many different locations, and in many different languages. We have huge Delphi communities on Google+ and Facebook, not to mention everyone on Stack Overflow answering questions, plus many C++Builder communities too.

Our community site here is the central hub where we connect with you, publish blog posts, provide updates, etc. This current iteration of the community site has had a number of problems, so we've decided to retire it and move to a new community. In part of this move we are consolidating our Developer community onto IDERA's community. This doesn't mean we will mix database tools and developer tools. There are two different communities at the community.idera.com site. If you jump straight to community.idera.com/developer-tools/ you fill find yourself in our new developer tools community.

Much of the content on this community site has been migrated to the new community. Effective today this community is read-only, and redirects will be in place soon, so head over to the new community and we will see you online!

 Welcome to the new Community


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