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  1. Hello. First all sorry for post in English. I have been using the Bigjorj solution for InAppPurchases in my app in Android 32-bit since I found in this forum with success; Recently I tested code in Rio 10.3.3. Android 64-bit for Google requirements and get an error 'External exception 1' , my code is as follow in OnCreate form event in first lines; FInAppPurchase := TInAppPurchase.Create(Self); FInAppPurchase.ApplicationLicenseKey := '****'; FInAppPurchase.ApplicationLicenseKey := FInAppPurchase.ApplicationLicenseKey + '****'; FInAppPurchase.ProductIDs.Add(PremiumVersion); FInAppPurchase.OnSetupComplete := InAppPurchaseSetupComplete; FInAppPurchase.OnProductsRequestResponse := InAppPurchaseProductsRequestResponse; FInAppPurchase.OnPurchaseCompleted := InAppPurchasePurchaseCompleted; FInAppPurchase.SetupInAppPurchase; In last line 'FInAppPurchase.SetupInAppPurchase;' is when exception is throwed 'Extrernal exception 1.', I accept the error that continues displaying several times until the app crashes and exit suddenly. Code of SetupInAppPurchase procedure within FMX.InAppPurchase unit is; procedure TCustomInAppPurchase.SetupInAppPurchase; begin if FInAppPurchaseService <> nil then FInAppPurchaseService.SetupInAppPurchase(Self) end; I have tested removing this last code line and error doesn't display, but users that purchased the product get the version lite and users that want to purchase it get message 'In-App Purchase component is not set up', logical, the result expected because InAppPurchase never has been set up. Anybody with similar issue and got a solution? Many thanks and regards from Spain. Juande.
  2. Hello. This is my first post here, I’m from Spain (sorry for not posting in Russian). I’m very impressed with the TUITabControl component, I’ve searching for a long time for this kind of control with sliding pages animations like Android native ViewPager, it works like a charm, very good in Berlin 10.2, but only an issue for me, when a TVertScrollBar is placed within TabItem the sliding animations doesn’t works, Is there any approach or tip to solve it?, many thanks. Kind Regards. Juande.
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